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Constitution Class (KJprise) Orthos by kjc733 Constitution Class (KJprise) Orthos by kjc733
I'll confess that I was slightly disappointed by the big reveal of the new Enterprise in 2009. To me, it just looked wrong. Over time the design has grown on me and I've conceded that whilst it's not THE Enterprise, it is AN Enterprise. What irritates me the most about the JJprise isn't that it's a bad looking ship, it's that with a few minor tweaks it could have looked so much better. The 2009 design as it is - to me - looks unbalanced. Which meant that I just had to see if I could do any better. With the release of Prelude to Axanar, I also decided to see if I could make my Connie fit in with the design of the Ares.

Producing this version of the Connie was hard work, and only now do I appreciate the tough decisions that the designers of the JJprise must have had to make. At every step of the way in making the KJprise I had to decide if a change from the original Connie looked wrong because it was a stupid idea, or if it looked wrong because it broke away from what I expected to see.

Unlike the JJprise I decided that I wanted to keep the proportions more or less the same. I also decided that I wanted to keep the original style saucer as that is a key differentiation between the TOS and TMP designs. Most of the differences in my version are more subtle than the Koerner, MadKoiFish or JJ Enterprises. There's not much additional greebling as I felt that part of the originals character stems from the clean finish. Obviously I have altered the shape of the secondary hull to closer match the TMP shape (which makes a "refit" more believable), it has a glow behind the deflector but it still has the classic style shuttlebay. The increase in maximum diameter of the secondary hull is the only place that dimensions vary from the TOS design.

The nacelles have a "collar" around the bussard (which have also changed slightly) - this is a nod towards the JJprise but without being a massive "air intake" and I've tried to make it look as if it helps hold the bussard dome in place (i.e. giving it a purpose). The glow in the back of the nacelle is also a nod to the JJprise, whilst still having something to replace the sphere in the back of the TOS nacelle. I do not have glowing vents down the side of the nacelle as I feel that is an overused gimmick that takes away from the clean simplicity of the TOS aesthetic. I was annoyed when we saw it on the Phoenix and the NX.

The changes to the saucer are mostly in the detail. It's exactly the same shape - but I have added physical phasers and torpedo tubes as well as RCS thrusters. I have redesigned the bridge, ventral sensor array and impulse deck, again to bring them closer to TMP but without being the same as TMP.

Finally the pylons and neck have changed. The pylons have been beefed up slightly, drawing on the Axanar Ares for inspiration. I was originally going to use the TMP neck minus the torpedo tubes (again, I felt neck mounted tubes to be a key difference between TOS and TMP) - however without the structure for the tubes the neck just didn't fit right. So I came up with my own which is similar but different.

Anyway, that's the thinking behind the KJprise. Please can we not have any JJ vs TOS arguments in the comments - I only raised the JJprise (and that's not derogatory, I only use that name as an easy way to differentiate between the TOS, mine and GK Enterprises,) so people could see why I started down this path.
DMMACB Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
Fantastic work well done
Chiletrek Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
 Darn, I had to rewrite everything again because, for some reason, when I now click "Download" it loads the pic in the same window instead of a new one :stare: .

 Congratulations for finally completing your own Enterprise! :la: . I know what it means to try to create something new and to pay homage to such a classic design, ou did a great work :) .

 I specially like the saucer and the deflector dish :D .
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